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“We had the most anemic year that Congress has had in history. Nothing is getting done, and if the Republicans take over, so what? They don't have a plan, either. No one is putting anything forward except getting reelected.”
  — John Layfield, Bulls & Bears


The greatest affect possible in November's election would be a switch in control of the Senate, ending Harry Reid's rule of all thumbs. Californians are discounted from this decision because our two choice Senators are not up for reelection. Even if they were, their senile asses are probably safe because Californians are obeisant.

I ponder what outcome I desire and I admit it, I would love to see Reid downgraded from Majority Leader to Official Jester. The question is: who would replace him? In the words of Mel Tormé, "Aye, there's the rub."

The Republican wing of the Incumbent Party would have a slightly different agenda from Reid's of mitigating Obama's catastrophes, but Republicans would probably increase the President's discomfort without advancing anything constructive, like phasing out the Unaffordable Care Act, legalizing pot or fixing the tax code. Instances of past Republican control offer little hope for optimism.

Then there are individual races. Some are disheartening, such as Minnesota prick Al Franken having a good chance of reelection, or is that election, recounting many improprieties in the Goofball State in 2008.

Political Money

Joe Trippi, Democratic consultant, points out that the Democrats have a money advantage and their patented get-out-the-idiot-vote strategy, a kind of “coalition of the willing to ignore current events.” Considering all the whining by Democrats about Republicans being for the rich and having a couple of large donors, the Koch brothers, it is worth noting that the Democrats raise more money, and not from Welfare recipients. Despite their stockpiles of cash, they have the audacity to beg for small contributions through Organizing For Action, advancing goals like revving up support for such cool-sounding goals as raising the minimum wage (discouraging job creation), stoking the fires of the bogus war on women, pushing supposedly green policies that cannot possibly change the climate and, of course, demanding comprehensive immigration reform — a way to bury the specifics in order to deceive the public.

Remember, this is the most anti-war president in half a century, who has a policy of droning on and on about peace, while supporting chaos. Meanwhile, the transparent Obama Administration fend off all attempts at making them accountable. So long as Eric Holder (or his successor) stifle justice, it seems unlikely a national election will change much.

Expect more and bigger lies, deception and ineptitude. Anticipating disappointment in 2016's Presidential Election. Proposed candidates like another Bush, another Clinton, the same Romney, and the usual cast of idiot politicians, won't alter the status quo.


in case you're bored

The Kentucky senate race bears watching. Incumbent Mitch McConnell is an old-guard Republican being challenged by Libertarian David Patterson and Democrat Alison Lundergan Crimes. Currently, looks like McConnell has it in the bag, but watch to see if your preferred media outlet reports the independent vote. Patterson is getting anywhere from 5% to 8% according to polls. Oddly, the Democrat released an advert that rips off Joni Ernst's [see below] and touts her as being pro-coal, anti EPA and anti-gun control. Whatever you say, Alison. You're not going to Washington to fight your own party.
David Patterson

In Georgia, Mary Michelle Nunn, daughter of former US senator Sam Nunn, is running against David Perdue, cousin of former governor Sonny Perdue. Nothing like fresh faces in politics.

Another Mary, Landrieu of Louisiana, is running for reelection against Bill Cassidy. She is trying to distance herself from Obama, whose approval rating in the state is in the dumper. Even if she could convince voters she's not in the President's camp, her reelection helps Obama acolyte Harry Reid retain his leadership.

North Carolina Democrat Kay Hagan faces challenges from Libertarian Sean Haugh and Republican Thom Tillis. Noteworthy is that Haugh supports marijuana legalization, ending the Drug War, reducing Federal intrusion into Education, including scapping Common Core. In other words, he seems to be rational and would not fit in in Congress.

I have trouble supporting Republicans, but I contributed to Scott Brown's campaign for Massachusetts Senator, when he ran as the vote to kill Obamacare. Unbeknownst to him and to me, those pushing the Unaffordable Care Act had no trouble ignoring the legislative process to force their power-grab on the public. He lost reelection to radical Lizzy Warren. Now he's running against incumbent Jeanne Shaheen in New Hampshire. It's tough beating an incumbent, although he won a seat still warm from Ted Kennedy's limp body in a super-liberal state, so don't count him out. I'm not crazy about his positions, but he is thoughtful and reliable. As governor of New Hampshire, Shaheen tried to introduce a 2.5% sales tax. That was killed by the legislature, so the state still has no sales tax. Difficult to support any politician who thinks more taxes are the answer.

When Mother Jones calls Joni Ernst extreme, you know she is excellent, tougher than her opponent Bruce Braley, as seen in her viral campaign video [Talk about women fighting back!]. Politicos describe this race in Iowa as for an open seat because incumbent Democrat Tom Harkin decided against running for a sixth term. I guess the 74 year-old figured thirty years was long enough to rule. Braley is an extremist, who says we cannot wait to enact laws controlling the climate. He supports the Unaffordable Care Act, increasing the federal minimum wage, and pretty much the entire Obama agenda. He does not favor everything, being a long-time opponent of tort reform. Ernst is moderate, wanting to replace of Obamacare with "free market alternatives." She endorses the Constitution, particularly the Tenth Amendment, opposing runaway federal intrusions into most areas of our lives, such as regulations that hurt agriculture and business with ideological illogical justifications.

Mia Love for Congress

Brooklyn-born Mia Love, a former mayor, lost her House race by a small margin in 2012. She's back. And while it's just the House, it's always fun to see how racist so-called Progressives react to a woman of color who leaves the reservation to run as a Republican. I've contributed to her campaign. She's young and could become a force for progress in the future after, hopefully, serving in the House.

One party system

 25 September 2014

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