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Ben Cardin

“Fox News Sunday with Shannon Bream,” 12 August 2016

Appearing on “Fox News Sunday”, this clown tried to defend Hillary Clinton, mostly by switching subjects or otherwise deflecting the questions. Being unable to defend the indefensible, Senator Cardin proved his status as a moron, or a liar, probably the latter. There is no other explanation for his behaviour, unless he believes voters are imbeciles, which may prove to be true.

Senator Ben Cardin

Ben Cardin (Maryland-D) has been in Congress since 1987, the Senate since 2007. At age 72, he has clocked 29 years as a career politician and Democratic Party apologist. He would like you to believe he is a public servant, but you are smarter than that.

Issue 1. Judicial Watch will get to question Clinton on why she set up personal servers, at her own expense of at least $140,000. (Consider that the Secretary of State is paid only $186,000 a year.) Clinton has never answered that question, except to say that it was a mistake, which is balderdash. Cardin said he was pleased that the suspect will not be deposed, rather having to answer written questions, which means no follow-ups to her evasive or false responses.

Despite recent revelations, the Senator said that three former Secretaries of State used private servers. No, they didn’t. So far, we’ve heard of no government official in any department using a private server in lieu of government e-mail, except for Hillary Clinton.

Cardin called Judicial Watch a right-wing partisan group, implying that makes them suspect but, according to every poll, a vast majority of Americans do not believe Clinton or trust her, including a majority of Democrats. Probably because she is a compulsive liar. One could argue that the ACLU is a left-wing partisan group, but that does not negate their useful accomplishments.

Regarding Clinton perjuring herself in Congressional testimony, Cardin called demanding accountability a “partisan witch hunt,” the same thing Democrats have been saying for months, implying Ms Clinton is a witch. Cardin did not deny the charge. His party mates have touted the hours she spent before Congress answering questions, now congressmen want her to be responsible for her lies to them and, incidentally, to the American people.

Senator Cardin implied that Clinton’s perjury was not important, suggesting that Congress investigate Russian ties to Paul Manafort who, last we heard, is not running for president or even running Donald Trump’s campaign. They could investigate Manafort, too, but he is not a government official, so that would be one of those partisan witch hunts we often hear about.

As for her actual electronic mail, Cardin said Comey said the case is closed. Democrats keep repeating that Comey is a Republican, forgetting to mention that pressing charges is not up to the FBI, which just investigates. Still, we need not worry because Senator Cardin says, “I’ve known Hillary Clinton for a long time. She’s trustworthy, she’s ready from Day One. She’s qualified and she’s ready.” Ready for what — to begin selling off the country for her own aggrandizement? Then came the obligatory knocks against Trump. His being bad doesn’t make Hillary any better.

Then there’s the Clinton Foundation, which has “helped millions of people” and “done some great things.” That might be true of the ten percent of the money raised that went to charity. Overhead absorbed the other 90%. And Haitians are complaining that they never got the promised assistance. The real problem is whether Ms Clinton exchanged favours for contributions, and Bill Clinton’s speaking fees, when she was Secretary Of State. We know she violated her agreement with President Obama, not what one expects from a trustworthy person. More like trustworthless. Consider that Obama promised the most transparent administration in history, and presided over the most opaque. Ms Clinton is so secretive and deceptive already, why would we expect anything better if, lord help us, she is president?

Senator Ben Cardin again

Trump has called on Blacks to vote for him, saying they have been “taken for granted for decades by the Democratic Party.” He specifically charged Clinton with bigotry because she “sees them only as votes.” That is an indictment of the Senator’s party, which Cardin was unable to deny because it is true. [see: How Democrats subjugate Blacks or study history.] Cardin claimed, despite the record, that failed Democratic Party policies would increase employment and do great things to help “Middle Class families.” While that has proven false, many African-Americans are not in the middle class; he ignored the inner cities where Blacks and, in fairness, many non-Blacks are living in poverty on government assistance, forced to attend failing schools and experiencing high levels of crime. Just because the media glosses over it doesn’t make Chicago less of a war zone [see: Tribune tracking or Latest Count].

Actually, Senator Cardin did exactly what the former First Lady does all the time — ignore Blacks except as voters. His party’s slogan should be: Vote for us now, return to your misery after the election. Catchy, right?

Ramsom shmansom!
Predictably, he used the talking-point that the $400,000,000 cash ransom paid for four hostages released by Iran was not ransom. (Only $100 million each.) For a party that is so concerned about using exact terminology to describe everything, they are fastidiously ignoring the ‘R’ word. Perception is so important, except when it isn’t. Maybe it depends on what the definition of ransom is.

When is a ransom payment not a ransom?
When Democrats pay it.

Chris Wallace was off, so Shannon filled in.

2 crooked senators, 1 passport
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