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Words of wisdom from the Dean of Dimwits
He's a Doctor, for Cry sakes!

“You think people can work all day and then pick up their kids at child care or wherever and get home and still manage to sandwich in an eight-hour vote? Well Republicans, I guess can do that. Because a lot of them have never made an honest living in their lives.”

(This from a politician.)

“The Republicans aren‛t terribly interested in the country. They‛re interested in power so that their corporate patrons and sponsors, like the Koch brothers, can get more and more for themselves, and make sure middle class America has less and less. The Republicans are just in the business of destroying the American dream.”

“The Republicans are all about suppressing votes.”

“We‛re going to tell all those white boys who run the Republican Party to stay out of our bedrooms.”
So True

“This is a Republican party that has decided they like power so much that they think it's okay to win by taking away the right to vote.”

“They are not American. They could be more comfortable in the Ukraine or Russia, but stay away from our country. This is based on the right to vote.”

“We have had enough of the extreme right wing. We have had enough of the politics of anger, we have had enough of the politics of hate, we have had enough of the politics of division.”

— Dean speaking in 2014 to 750 people at
Dora's Mexican Restaurant, Aurora, Colorado.

Earth to Howard
Seven out of ten registered voters support voter ID laws, which makes them racist, or something... The survey conducted by Fox News found a majority in every demographic (race, age, income, sex, political bent) support voter ID laws — including 53% of self-described liberals, 70% of men, and 71% of women.

A Marist poll in July of 2013 also found a majority (65%) of Americans describing themselves as “very liberal” supported Voter ID laws.

aka Death Panel Lobbyist philosopher

The former doctor and governor of Vermont (population 609,000 approximately), current lobbyist-commentator has not ruled out another run for President. On the other hand, he says, “Once you've run for president, you realize how unbelievably difficult it is. You have to have the fire, knowing what you‛re facing.” While Dean would be old in 2016, he is a year younger than Clinton.

President (of the US)?

“Furthermore, Dean represents a real threat to Hillary Clinton. He served three times as governor of Vermont, and also successfully led the Democratic National Committee to recapturing control of Congress in 2006 and the presidency in 2008. Dean has the executive experience Clinton lacked before becoming Secretary of State, where her record will be a burden rather than a boon on the resumé. As DNC chair, Dean made connections with all of the state party organizations and donors on a level that Clinton may not be able to duplicate — plus proved that he could build a national organization without those connections, too.”
  — Ed Morrissey

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