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Debbie Wasserman Schultz

“Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace,” 8 July 2012

Seeing DWS is always a delight. I must say she appeared a lot less fercockta than usual, which is not saying much. All due respect, she has the second worst job in the country, right behind Robert Gibbs.

If it’s true that the Obama campaign strategy is “Kill Romney,” which sounds like a bad Tarantino movie, Ms Schultz executed her part well, hitting all the top talking points.

In the Democratic Party vision, Romney wants us to return to the “failed policies of the past.” Sound familiar? In other words, we should continue the failed policies of the present.

And by failed policies, Debbie means “tax cuts” exclusively which, in Wasserworld, is what got us into the present mess. To believe that, you must ignore wars, increased spending, a Democratic Congress and, of course, idiotic housing policies that led to the housing collapse that took banks with it.

Yes, bankers were greedy, but so were individuals who allowed themselves to be conned into buying houses they knew they could not afford. Neither group deserves our sympathy. Nor do the politicians of both incumbent parties who encouraged it.

If Romney cuts taxes while continuing the present spending spree, we are screwed. Problem is, whatever his tax policies, if we are sentenced to an unlikely Obama second term, his runaway spending and imperial regulations will be devastating.

DWS brought up how Romney would have let the auto industry go bankrupt. (I would have, too.) Didn’t they go bankrupt anyway, and weasel out of obligations, except to unions? Didn’t thousands lose their livelihoods because of the Administration’s arbitrary decisions as owner of GM?

Should Romney release more of his tax records? Sure. Maybe Obama should release his college records, too.

“Facts are stubborn, but statistics are more pliable.”
— Mark Twain, American writer

According to Debbie, Obama is focused “like a laser” on creating jobs. Since when? Don’t talk of jobs lasting for weeks, show me! [Okay, let’s be fair. Obama is trying to save jobs — his and those of his cronies.]

The Demo-spin is that the House pass bills that the Senate cannot consider. They could introduce their own legislation, but that would make sense. Some say that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is a “senile old fuck.” I would never say that. For one thing, it seems redundant. But if Congress could create jobs, he’s sitting on his fat, senile ass.

Panelist AB Stoddard made the best point on the programme, saying Americans are realising that “presidents don’t control the growth of the economy.” Would that that were true. I mean, presidents don’t control the economy, but I’m not convinced Americans have figured that out. In the case of Obama, he may not control the economy, but he has tried his very best to destroy it. Not sure if it’s incompetence or intentional. Either way, from the Stimulus on, everything he has done made things worse. Had he done nothing, we’d be better off, at least a few trillions less indebted.

The best candidate, Gary Johnson, would do less, allowing the economy to correct itself, fixing Obamacare by eliminating it. Oh, sorry, now it’s the “Affordable Care Act,” one of those laws, like the “Patriot Act,” where the name is opposite to its effect, in the tradition of: “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. Biden is brilliant.”

Everyone is offering advice to the Romney campaign. My alternate advice is a slogan: You have to elect me to find out what I’ll do.

Works for Pelosi. And she will be reelected by her crazy constituents.

The Republicans’ secret weapon, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, may know little about economics or foreign policy, but she is adept at statistical manipulation. And changing the subject from the awful record to the irrelevant.

Chris was off, so John Roberts filled in. Not the Chief Justice, a different John Roberts.
Seems there are several.

Don't Panic!
— Courtesy GT Slade's L•E•E Blog


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