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It is good to be a Democrat, particularly if you're a wanker.

Democrats are brilliant. Most partisans believe they are correct, Dems take it further, believing those who disagree are evil. Unless they are Islamic terrorists, in which case they will cut them some slack.

I was a registered Democrat for many years. I am not proud of it, but I write as someone who has experienced their craziness and hypocrisy first hand. For the record, I've never been a registered Republican, so this is not partisan piffle.

Democrats excel at two things:

  • appealing to voters through alienation
  • scaring them away with their irrational vision of the world.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, of all people, spread a piece of BuzzFeed, a Web destination. She heads the Democratic National Committee, which says a lot. Debbie wrote (co-wrote) a book, For the Next Generation: Collected Progressive Talking Points. I read it all the way through, to write a review, so I deserve sympathy from you.

Debbie proudly provides a link to

7 Reasons it's good to be a Democrat

In case you cannot imagine why, it's because…
  1. We know a person's gender shouldn't affect what they're paid.
    As opposed to whom? Is someone claiming women should be paid less, outside of the Obama Administration, Hillary Clinton's State Department (where women earned 77% of men's compensation) and Hollywood producers? Here's a talking point you may have heard before: Let he who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.
  2. Pay v Torture

  3. Democrats support education — from preschool to college.
    What party opposes education? Republicans pushed that 'no child left behind' farce. Democratics favour teacher unions over students, pumping tax money into education to inflate its cost faster than health care. Impressive!
  4. When 97% of climate scientists talk, we listen, and we're taking action to limit the effects of climate change.
    Taking that bogus number [97%! That's accurate.] at face value, had Democrats been around during the Crusades, they would have assured us the Earth is flatter than Harry Reid's head. Democrats are doing nothing to "limit the effects" of climate change, they are chanting that mantra to excuse their support of mistakes like unaffordable electric cars that may actually increase the revered carbon footprint. Repeating a dubious claim is not science, it is brainwashing [The most famous proponent of this pseudo-science is Al Gore, who seems to be in hiding after cashing in on totally debunked global warming.]
  5. We support equal rights for everyone because love is love. Period.
    Yes, and all you need is love. This is a vague assertion of support for gay marriage (not love) from a party that within my lifetime opposed miscegenation. Younger readers unfamiliar with the term might recognise it as interracial marriage. Until a few months ago, they opposed gay marriage, advocating civil unions. There is no indication that all registered Democrats now support same-sex marriage and, quite honestly, this is a secondary issue for most Americans — straight, gay or undecided.
  6. Want to talk about family values? President Obama is taking action on immigration to ensure that families stay together.
    We can talk about family values, or we can talk about immigration. Only when your argument is weak do you make it about something else. "Taking action" in this context refers to the President overstepping his authority by writing, or rewriting, laws passed by Congress. Surely Democrats don't want to incinerate the Constitution, at least they don't want to advertise that intention.
  7. Democrats believe every vote should count.
    What about those who vote more than once in an election — should each of their votes count? This is a specious issue in the context of Democratic politics. The true dilemma is figuring out how to make sure those who vote are eligible to vote, that they are not abusing this right, voting more than once, or having their votes miscounted. Only this party could turn verifiation into a socio-political issue. When Democrats stop requesting identification for those attending their meetings, or buying antihistamines, they can argue that requiring an ID to vote is racist.
  8. Debbie
  9. 2014 was the best year for job growth since another Democrat [Bill Clinton] was president.
    A citation indicating that Democrats believe Americans are stupid. We can see if there are jobs, judge their quality, and observe vast numbers of workers who have given up on employment in response to Obama's War On Workers.
    If there are so many great jobs, why keep calling for an increase in the federal minimum wage?

    Bill Clinton compromised with a Republican Congress to pass legislation that smoothed the way for prosperity, he didn't declare himself Emperor of DC and threaten to veto every bill that might boost employment.

Most embarrassing to Democrats is that the originator of this list barely eked out seven reasons, and pretty lame ones at that. No mention of the Unaffordable Care Act (Obamacare) or IRS stonewalling. That is why I say it's good to be a former Democrat.


Health care or Bust!



Seemed appropriate to accompany the 7 silly little reasons to the left with some from the other wing of the party. There are lots of lists ridiculing Republicans, few lauding them. Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post blog came closest with 10 Things Republicans Believe, which stretch credulity. Here are the first seven

Things Republicans Believe

  1. An originalist theory of constitutional interpretation that seeks to determine the intended meaning of the text and does not grant judges free rein to think up new rights and powers.
    Do they believe that? It depends on what powers and rights judges think up. [See 7]
  2. Faith in the private sector to afford opportunity, reduce poverty and create jobs.
    Republicans support subsidies, tax breaks and bailouts, as Democrats do, proving both nominal parties lack faith in the private sector. Republicans will not halt government competing with private industry or reduce redundant agencies.
  3. A conviction that our debt crisis is real and must be addressed.
    They may believe that but, last time a Republican was in the White House, the debt shot up. When Republicans claim they've reduced the budget, they've just slowed the rate of increase. Nothing was cut. [see chart]
  4. serious debt

  5. Support for Israel. (Democrats, as polls show, are rapidly lessening in their support of Israel.)
    Largely correct, although it is the current administration that acts anti-Semitic. Many Democrats are chagrined at that perception, although they have gone along with it, and even defend or deny Obama's belittling of Israel. Since Obama has acted similarly with almost every (former) friend of the USA from England, to Canada, to Egypt, maybe that's just a general policy of annoying allies, befriending enemies.
  6. The conviction that civil institutions including the family, voluntary associations, churches and synagogues are the lifeblood of a society and should be protected from government meddling and pressure.
    As with business, Republicans in practice do not accept laissez-faire group policies. Unless you compare them to the current administration, which supports divisive organisations exclusively.
  7. Button      
  8. Opposition to abortion on demand. (Granted, that casts a wide net, but a majority of Republicans are at least willing to draw the line at late-term or partial-birth abortion, for example.)
    Democrats have made their battle cry: Abortion at any time, for any reason, at no cost. All rights accrue to the mother. When politicians refuse to restrict late-term abortions, they are outside the American mainstream and the bounds of decency. Many Republicans do favour "choice," with some restrictions. The federal government should stay out of this controversy, anyway, and mind their business.

  9. Newt and the Gang
  10. A belief in limited government. I do not say "small" government, because we passed that point decades ago. We know Republicans, even Senator Rand Paul (R·KY), generally are not looking to repeal Medicare or other entitlements. That, in turn, means a suspicion of centralized power, a desire for less regulation and a defense of constitutional rights despite the left's indifference to the same (e.g. Second Amendment protection, opposition to anti-First Amendment campaign finance reform).
    Poppycock! Republicans never limit government, merely expand different parts than the Democrats. For instance, they love military spending, however wasteful and pointless. While Republicans oppose some attacks on the Bill Of Rights by Democrats, the GOP created the Homeland Security Department and pioneered suspension of rights, such as property seizures, in the name of fighting organised crime or waging the Drug War, which they love. And how is that going? While exceptions to rights, such as habeas corpus, are rife for abuse, any exception is unconstitutional, regardless of what a compliant judge may rule.
    Newt Gingrich gained Congressional control with his Contract With America, then ignored the hell out of it, proving Republicans like to rail against big government when they are out of power, not so much when they are in the driver's seat. Or maybe they believe Americans are stupid.

Republicans have many convictions, they just don't act on them. Their solution to a serious debt problem is to cut taxes while increasing spending. That's not serious. Democrats keep raising taxes, although it is never enough to cover runaway spending. Thus the deficits.

Oh, hell, who am I kidding?! They are the same party. Sure, Democrats and Republicans have their spats and play their games. They take their politics seriously. When it comes to the economy and all issues, domestic and foreign, they offer no real choice. Taxes will rise, spending likewise. They may investigate government malfeasance and waste with great fanfare, after which it continues unimpeded.

So long as government make the rules and can exempt themselves, it is not good to be a Democrat, or a Republican. As Ben Franklin once said, or maybe it was Shakespeare, or GT, "If you can't beat 'em, spurn 'em."

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