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“All across America, Democratic leaders are fighting hard to create jobs and boost economic recovery, deliver real education reforms that guarantee American students are able to get ahead, and further the causes of justice and equality. And all across this country, entrenched Republican forces are doing everything they can to prevent Democrats from succeeding in those goals.”

“As we look toward 2012 in particular, I’m going to be working hard every day to guarantee that President Obama and Democratic candidates up and down the ballot are in the best position to win their races.”

— Wendy Wasserman Schultz, DNC Chair early April 2011

How unfortunate that it takes time from her other job, Congressional representative, to run a fundraising effort.  And even more unfortunate that she cannot cite Democratic accomplishments, which would convince voters, rather than generalisations with no basis in reality.

Fighting to create jobs? False! When unemployment was high, they wasted time ramming through Obamacare, then the equally confusing Dodd-Frank anti-business bill. Just as Obamacare doesn't reduce health care costs, Dodd-Frank doesn't eliminate the "too big to fail" banks that supposedly justified a bailout.

Education does not need federal boasting.  The greater Washington's involvement in schooling, the worse the results and, as an added bonus, the higher the cost.  Included in Obamacare was a takeover of college loans by the federal government. The easier it is to get loans, the easier it is for colleges to raise their tuitions and fees, explaining how college costs have increased faster than health care costs, and making it ironic that this non-health matter was included in an alleged health care bill.


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