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I've written the occasional book review, sometimes days after publication, but never before, making this my first book preview.

Full disclosure, as they say, I was an editor on this project, during the course of which I learned many things. For example, that "sex turns out to be like riding a bicycle."
Never thought about it that way, but both activities often offer optional protective gear because they might end in a serious spill.

When it comes to seriousness, divorce is right up there with being stranded in a jungle with an empty canteen and a dead rapper. Sometimes it's not the end, as with Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner, who remarried after a decade. Most of the time, the parties go their own way, and you need not be a thespian to feel you are experiencing a tragedy. That's when you need someone to help you pick up the pieces.

Dr. Tutin to the rescue! Her guide will ease you through the pain, while reminding you that you are not alone, even when it seems that way. She draws on her experiences of divorce and counseling to guide you beyond grief into a better life.

Post-Divorce Survival Guide

The book is far less sappy than that description makes it sound. You try describing a book. Actually, Judy does it in one sentence:

Dr. Tutin is a psychologist and life coach who draws on her personal experience with divorce, and her years of work with clients going through this devastating life experience, to show you how you can emerge even better than you were before.

Now you can skip the rest of this preview and order The Post-Divorce Survival Guide. If not, I will observe that the book is filled with practical information geared to your situation. For instance, how to interact with your former spouse, non-violently, not to mention family and children. You can use divorce as an opportunity to become a healthier, stronger person. You can even cultivate optimism and happiness, by setting goals that will lead to a better you. And yes, she offers dating advice. Remember, dating is much different if you abandoned it while married which, hopefully, you did.

I enjoyed reading the book, which includes worthwhile insights even if you haven't been divorced and aren't planning a divorce, though one never knows. It's breezy and fun and well-organized. It's also brief. The author doesn't hammer you with pointless repetition. It's a damn sight better than most of what I've been reading lately, so I have no compunction plugging recommending a good book.

Order it in the handy e-book format by clicking on the picture of the book [above]. I don't get a commission or anything, I'm just recommending a fine book. Read it. You can thank me later.

Tools For Your Journey

by Judith Tutin, PhD., ACC

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