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7 November 2012, Pacifica

Gary Johnson Breaks
Ed Clark's 1980 Record
of 921,128 Votes
for US President

The 2012 Libertarian Presidential ticket — Governor Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray — got more than double 2008's votes for Bob Barr and Wayne Root, a glimmer of hope in an election full of disappointment for proponents of liberty.

The top three states for Johnson-Gray:

  1. New Mexico — 3.5% of the vote
  2. Montana — 2.9%
  3. Alaska — 2.5%

The Libertarian ticket got 1,233,168 votes. Two key factors hurting Gary Johnson's results were:

  • Money: Republicans and Democrats Spent $2 Billion on the Presidential campaigns of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

    Libertarians raised and spent $3 Million for the Presidential campaign of Gary Johnson.

    Romney + Obama outspent Gary Johnson 667 to 1, and that does not include PAC money.

  • Media: The News media alone showered Romney and Obama with more than 1,000 times the coverage that they gave to Johnson's Libertarian campaign.

Governor Johnson told that no one can blame the Libertarians for the state of the country. “We should all be proud of ourselves, because over the next four years, none of us are going to have to say we're responsible for this.

“Don't blame me. I didn't vote for either one of them. I voted for Gary Johnson.”

“A wasted vote is a vote for somebody you don't believe in,” Johnson said. “There were a lot of wasted votes tonight. There were more wasted votes than I've ever seen in my life.”

Governor Gary Johnson, Judge Jim Gray were two of 580 Libertarian Party candidates on 2012 ballots throughout the USA.

Thanks to Carla Howell
Executive Director, National Libertarian Party

Governor Johnson told Here is an update from later in November 2012. The Libertarian Party:

  • Retained party status in Alaska, Kansas, Michigan, New Mexico, Nevada, North Carolina, and Wyoming.
  • Gained party status in DC, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.
  • Lost ballot access in Arkansas, Hawaii, New Hampshire, and North Dakota.
  • Can run a candidate for US Senate in 2016 and the US House 2nd district in Connecticut in 2014 without petitioning.
  • Can continue to run statewide candidates in Georgia.

The Libertarian Party now has full ballot access in 30 states and the District of Columbia, after Arizona voters rejected the state's Prop 121 initiative, which would have excluded all but the top two vote-getters in the primary of state elections from the general election. No votes outnumbered Yes votes by two to one. (A similar proposition that passed in California in 2010 had a deleterious effect on the 2012 election, excluding minor-party candidates from statewide offices.)

According to the Daily Kos, not known for a pro-democracy agenda, Libertarians provided the margin for Democrats in at least nine elections.

In other words, Republicans couldn't pull these Libertarian voters, or as the Kos put it, “…None of these involved the typical 1 or maybe 2 percent you ordinarily expect a Lib to garner: Looking at the three-way vote, all but one were over 3 percent, and three took 6 percent or more, with a high of 6.5 percent in the Montana Senate race. These definitely seem like unusually high figures.

”So what's going on here? …a growing proportion of conservative-leaning voters too disgusted with the GOP to pull the Republican lever, but who won't vote for Democrats either, are choosing a third option and going Libertarian instead.”

Republicans Blame Libertarian Candidate
Horning for U.S. Senate Defeat

Hate Mail from Republican Partisans
Floods Libertarian Inbox

As a Washington Post article predicted, Libertarian Andrew Horning was the Nader of the 2012 U.S. Senate race in Indiana, winning enough votes to beat the margin of victory between the Democrat and his Republican rival. At least that's what Republicans claim.

Democratic Joe Donnelly won 1,263,885 votes, Republican Richard Mourdock 1,124,058 votes. The margin of victory was 139,827 votes. Libertarian Andy Horning — who calls for upholding the Bill of Rights, ending Obamacare and government-appointed central banking — got 146,002 votes.

[from Libertarian source, updated 25 Nov 2012.]

2012 LP Gubernatorial Election Results

  • Rupert Boneham (Indiana) 4.0%
  • Ron Vandevender (Montana) 3.7%
  • John Babiarz (New Hampshire) 2.9%
  • Jim Higgins (Missouri) 2.7%
  • Ken Larson (Utah) 2.2%
  • Barbara Howe (North Carolina) 2.1%
  • David Moran (West Virginia) 1.3%
  • Roland Riemers (North Dakota) 0.8%

Other freedom issues

Two states voted to legalize marijuana as a recreational drug for adults. Details must be worked out in Washington and Colorado. A similar measure was defeated in Oregon, while several such measures in California failed to make the ballot. Medical marijuana measures lost in Alabama and Montana.

Los Angeles County voters approved a ballot initiative requiring adult film actors to wear condoms. The industry position is that the law is unconstitutional and should fall under state, not local, jurisdiction. There have also been threats to move production out of the area.

Florida voters rejected a proposal that would have banned government mandates for obtaining health insurance, such as required by Obamacare.

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[updated 25 Nov 2012]
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