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Why I am far better than the status-quo

I am the best candidate for the job.

California seems hopeless, facing an insurmountable financial disaster. Do you believe the politicians who got us into this mess are the best qualified to fix it? If so, vote for the incumbent.

I am a card-carrying Libertarian, have been for years. Since you are voting in the Primary (June 8), you must be a Libertarian to vote for me, so you know what that means.

I am against forcing people to do things they do not want to do. I understand that we are a nation of laws. That does not mean we are a nation of laws regulating every situation that exists, or might exist.

Views and Experiences

I recently began a column at Nolan Chart, where I took the test and won: I'm a total libertarian!

Check out "Let Freedom Sing" under my pen name.

My qualifications for a Member of the distinguished California Assembly?

  • I am not a politician, never held a public office.
  • I've worked for the University of California (15 years) and now for the clericals' union at UC. [Many are blaming "the unions" for much of the state's financial problems. I don't know about you, but I blame the politicians and/or administrators who signed unreasonable contracts.]
  • We cannot tax ourselves out of the current fiscal disaster. High taxes are driving businesses and individuals out of the state, contributing to the crisis. [Those Hollywood progressives who love more government and higher taxes are filming in other states and countries to save on taxes and high expenses in California.]
  • Education is important, not necessarily what passes for Education in the Golden State. Too many administrators, too little accountability. We already spend a fortune per child, so the legislature needs to step in or step back, whichever is required.
  • I support vouchers. Parents and youth need a stake in their education.
  • California needs fewer regulations and laws. Currently, the legislators sit around and dream up new laws, rather than evaluating the effects of those already extant.
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