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Mirror, mirror in the hall,
Who's the biggest liar of all?

Original item on an account closed by YouTube.
Replaced with a shorter video showing Reid's ridiculous,
hypocritical ramblings uncut. The Koch brothers are the
Senator's Professor Moriarty.

Childish nonsense



I won't bother picking apart the fallacies of statements that sound like the rants of a five-year old. I would point out that Reid must resort to combining two billionaires, while his billionaires stand alone, weasels like Sheldon Adelson, George Soros and Mike Bloomberg.

Now the Majority Leader is advocating a Constitutional Amendment to repeal the First Amendment [see: Freedom Later, begging the question: Is Reid the stupidest Senator in Washington, or the sleaziest?

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used by permission
Gary Tutin, May 2014

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