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Pricier garbage for Pacifica

Monday, the 26th of November, garbage collection rates in Pacifica spiked again. Only 1.9% of customers protested rate increases, so the city council gave it unanimous approve. Effective in 2013, rates will increase 1.4%.

Several persons spoke in favor of the increase. Mary Brown of State Farm Insurance said, “No one wants to pay more, but everything is getting more expensive.” Well, then, that’s all right. Too bad you can’t shop around for cheaper collection rates or better providers, as you can for insurance.

According to the Pacifica Tribune’s Jane Northrop, Recology manager Chris Porter said when Recology took over from Coastside Scavenger, Recology allowed people to reduce the rate of their garbage service and they are now paying less. In addition, Recology has contributed to the community, she said.

“We’ve spent thousands of hours volunteering. Recology has contributed a lot to the community. We are part of the community.”

Great! A part of the community that enjoys soaking the other part.

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Tired of paying more for refuse collection every year? Obviously, you can't refuse to pay, but it's easy to fight it.

Recology of the Coast have an agreement with the city of Pacifica that grants them an increase according to some mysterious formula. The latest proposed rate hike is 1.89%, in other words, just under 2%. It may not seem like much, but it is a sweet deal, particularly when rates increased 8% in May 2011.

Rates have increased three times since 2010. This will be the fourth time, if they get away with it.

By the way, I'm told the city council gets a percentage of the raise, but you have little to say about it. Notice that this one will get approved just after the election. Pacifica already pay some of the highest Recology rates in the county for, presumably, the exact same service.

Yes, there will be a public hearing on the 26th of November, if you want to let off steam, but there is an easier way to protest. In tiny print, the notice states the following:
You may also present the City Clerk with a written protest against the proposed charges at or prior to the public hearing. The protest must be signed by the customer liable for payment of the fee and must include the service address(es) of the property (or properties).

When they say "present," you can mail them to the
City Clerk
170 Santa Maria Avenue
Pacifica, CA 94044-2506

I would include a form to make it easier, but Pacifica Riptide beat me to it,
at the following URL:
Protest Garbage Rip-off, PDF

Do it now, so you don't forget.

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