Gary Tutin for Assembly


In case you didn't get to hear my stump speech...


Friends, residents and countrymen, I’ve got something I want to tell you.

They will not help you, just help themselves to your money.

It is time to stir things up. It is time to rein in government’s micro-mismanagement, lower taxes and create a job-friendly environment.

The current crisis is not new. It has been developing under Democratic and Republican governors and under Democratic control of the legislature over three decades.

We know who created the mess. They are not the people to solve it. As a Libertarian, I have a different approach.

What is a libertarian?
Few people seem to understand what libertarian means. Here is a great summary from the 2010 Easy Voter Guide:

The Libertarian Party is your best choice for reasonable government.
If you’re socially tolerant and fiscally responsible, you’re a libertarian.
You, not the government, should decide how to run your
life, checkbook, education and family.

Democrats and Republicans want to run your life. [It's an accident if they ruin it.] As a result, they will tax you into destitution as they destroy everything that made California great.


What is a budget?
The state budget was 100 days late, but incumbents are too modest to take credit for setting this new record. They do what they do best — pass the buck. It’s not as if this was the first time the budget was late, or vouchers had to be issued.

They keep postponing the day of reckoning because the budget is never balanced, just fiddled with using accounting sleight-of-hand that would be illegal if a private organization did it. The politicans know that. We know that.

The legislature treats the budget process as a political food fight, then denounce the compromise after voting for it. Legislators should acknowledge their culpability.

Producing a budget is their MAIN responsibility. Why would you reelect members of a dysfunctional government?

Real Change or Spare Change?
Sure, incumbents and machine politicians call the budget crisis “a disgrace,” but it won’t stop if we keep returning them to Sacramento. Their new position is that the two-thirds approval requirement is the problem. Sure.

If a majority can approve the budget, it will probably be more Democratic Party disaster. They are proposing one-party rule by idiots.

What is education?
Education is a mess.

We need to concentrate more on K through 12, particularly on lowering the drop-out rate. Even high school graduates often lack the skills they will need, whether or not they choose to attend college.

Anyone can propose a solution. Many do, but panaceas do not work. Schools are too different for top-down planning.

We must give schools more freedom to experiment, and fund what works. We need to give parents more choice on where they send their children. Schools should concentrate on developing basic skills, not on PC rewrites of history.

Tenure must be examined, as well as providing incentives for teachers who do exceptional work.

Schools must be accountable. Colleges and universities receiving state funds also need transparency as many, notably Senator Leland Yee, are demanding.

See more in my essay, 20th Century Education in the 21st Century.

Higher taxes, fees and fines are not fine.

Whenever localities want to raise money, they increase fines and issue more tickets. They claim stricter traffic enforcement makes you safer, but we know it is because they need the money.

Apparently, you don’t.

Tickets for offenses like not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign can cost hundreds of dollars, and probably drive up your insurance premiums.

Inflexible laws to cover such abuses as drunk driving are good in theory, but rarely work out well.

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What is transportation?
Rail projects are always pushed by government. A cynic might say that’s because they get to spend enormous sums of money.

They argue that it’s better for the environment, assuming drivers will switch to trains and that “climate change” (previously “global warming”) can be affected by such possible behavior adjustments.

Trains use energy generated by fossil fuel plants, so the pollution source is moved, not eliminated. Another disadvantage of rail is inflexibility. Bus routes can be changed. Trains must go where the tracks are laid.

Rail is expensive, even with federal grants.

I am from Brooklyn. New York City has an old subway system, built by private companies, before the government took over. The MTA just raised their one-month, unlimited subway pass to $104. You can travel hundreds of miles over the five boroughs, 24 hours a day.

By contrast, ten trips from Walnut Creek to SFO on BART cost about $100. If you are taking round trips, you get five for the same price as a month of New York subway travel.

BART’s expensive, undependable travel hurts bus service; fares increase, routes are eliminated and service cut. Having poor transportation choices is bad for everyone.

Even if you believe rail service is desirable, better to wait until the economy is not in free-fall.

What can be cut?
Politicians always say they will cut waste. That never works, so why not begin with the Unemployment office? But Gary, unemployment is high, we need them more than ever.

Actually, we don’t. As you may know, it is officially called EDD, the Employment Development Department. Have you ever heard of anyone getting a job through EDD? It could be automated, providing new tech jobs. EDD recently blamed a delay in sending checks on their decades-old computer system. Only the government could get away with using antiquated computers.

What kind of insurance is it anyway? If your house burns down, does the insurer assume you started the fire? Not without some evidence. EDD assumes you are at fault, and is unsympathetic after you've been fired or laid off from your job. Let's bring them into this century.

That is just one area where efficiency can be improved, money saved.

Stirring the POT
For years, legislators have argued that marijuana legalization would have dire effects. Ridiculous! The prohibition has dire effects. When Prop 19 was looking like it would pass, the legislature suddenly came up with SB 1449, which was signed by the governor. (So bipartisan agreement does occur!)

Now one ounce or less of marijuana is an infraction, not a misdemeanor. According to Arnold Schwarzenegger, “In this time of drastic budget cuts, prosecutors, defense attorneys, law enforcement, and the courts cannot afford to expend limited resources” persecuting marijuana smokers.

If I read that correctly, he is saying is they would have kept the status quo, if they could have afforded to continue a foolish, failed policy. And it has nothing to do with Prop 19 being popular. What do they think we are smoking?

Libertarians object to the government telling us what to smoke or eat or wear. The question is not whether the policy works (it doesn’t) or is cost effective (not close), but whether government knows what is good for us better than we do.

Now Attorney General Eric Holder has opened his fat mouth on the issue. This is the man who says it’s okay to defy federal law by establishing a “sanctuary” city, but sues a state that tries to help support the law. On marijuana, he says that regardless of whether Proposition 19 passes, the federal government will continue to “aggressively support” its unjust marijuana laws. Ooh, scary!

Whose views count more: over 9% of the US population who live in California, or one hypocritical Washington doofus?

What is the conclusion?
It's obvious.

When I lived back East, people would say that one day California would slide into the Ocean because of all its floods nd earthquakes. Well, New York is no bargain, either.

But California politicians seem to be molding a manmade disaster far worse than anything Mother Nature offers. The state is on the verge of bankruptcy, with high taxes and an anti-business economy that keeps bleeding jobs. California is on a downward spiral.

If that seems good to you, vote for the inumbents. You can count on their continued pursuit of failed policies. If you want saner public policy that is planted in reality, vote for me.

Gary Tutin
Pacifica, October 2010

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